Which ADI franchise? We compare the ‘BIG 6’

A common question we hear from our trainees after passing the Part 3 test is ‘should I take a franchise option and if so, which one?’

In this article, we make some suggestions on what you need to consider, and the best questions you should ask when researching a suitable driving school franchisor.

ADI Franchise – Comparing the BIG 6 Driving Schools in UK

If you’re considering becoming a franchisee with one of the ‘big 6’ national companies, i.e. Bill Plant, AA Driving School, BSM, Red, LDC and Drive Dynamics, we have compiled a comprehensive list of what they have to offer. You can download this comparison chart at the bottom of this article.

As a newly-qualified instructor, one of the biggest choices you will make will be whether to set up as an independent instructor or take one of the many franchise options available to you. There are pros and cons to each decision, […]

Great news for ADIs using Facebook

OK, so like many of you, I’m an ADI who’s a little bit addicted to Facebook (and no, please don’t set up another ADI group with that name!)  Love it or loathe it, there’s no denying that Facebook is a FANTASTIC marketing tool for ADIs if used in the right way. This article will provide you with valuable information and tips for ADIs using Facebook.

According to website emarketer.com, 88.3% of 18-24 year olds use Facebook on a regular basis – so this is undoubtedly one of the best (if not the best) tool to attract new pupils to your business.

On Tuesday (27th August 2013), Facebook changed the rules on running competitions and prize draws through Facebook business pages.  Prior to this date, running competitions based on ‘liking’, ‘commenting’ and ‘sharing’ pages or posts was considered by the bosses at Facebook as a major breach of their rules.  If found out, this […]

Welcome – our site is now LIVE!

Hi everyone!  Well, launch day has finally arrived – our new website is LIVE!  Wooohoo!

We’re Ged and Claire Wilmot, ADI trainers based in Saddleworth, near Manchester.  Some of you will know us through our other business, Active Driving Solutions, which is our on-road training company.

We offer ADI Coaching and Development courses to Potential and Approved Driving Instructors from all over the UK, as well as Fleet Training and ORDIT qualification guidance.

GedandClaire.com is, in a nutshell, a blog site.  We will be writing and video blogging about lots of things relevant to the driver training industry, including instructional and coaching skill development, social media, marketing, advertising and much more.  We don’t want you to get fed up with the sight of us though, so we will be inviting guests to post too, so that we can offer you the best all round advice for every single part of your business.

Our aim […]

Our full response to the DSA Consultation on Modernising Driver Training

Yesterday saw the closing deadline for online responses to the DSA consultation on Modernising Driver Training.  It is understood that responses can continue to be made by post until 9th September 2013 (see paragraph 121 of the consultation document).

We have been asked by many people for our opinions on the proposals, so we have decided to publish our official response below.

DSA Consultation on Modernising Driver Training

To access the consultation document and the impact assessment, please visit: https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/modernising-driver-training

Note that question numbers below relate to those on the online response form.  Questions 1-6 simply related to confidentiality and our personal data, so we have not printed our response to those questions.

Like many other ADIs, we will continue to wait with baited breath for news on the outcome of this consultation…

– – – – – – START OF OUR RESPONSE – – – – – – 7. It […]

Proposed Changes to the ADI Qualification Process

An Apology (well, of sorts!)

Firstly, I would like to apologise for using the term ‘leaked document’ in my recent Facebook posting about modernising the way in which ADIs qualify and the ADI Qualification Process.  The scanned document I posted (reproduced below) was given to a colleague of mine by a senior DSA examiner, who himself was shocked at the contents and felt she needed to know.

About the ADI Qualification Process Document

The document was scanned and emailed to me, and as some of this content was very new news to ME, I (wrongly) assumed it would be to almost everyone else as well.  I have since been advised that the document I scanned was an internal DSA document(and as such I guess it could theoretically be described as ‘leaked’), but the contents are common knowledge to a small number of ADIs, other ORDIT Trainers and DSA Stakeholders.

However, as was evident from the […]

7 Top Facebook Tips for ADIs – Save Your Reputation… Save Your Business!

Social Media is big business.  Not only for the companies themselves, but also for its millions of users who are using it to promote their businesses.  So don’t let it affect your reputation!  Take advantage of these top Facebook Tips for ADIs.

Facebook Tips for ADIs – Social Media Experience

Having in excess of 1,000 ADI Facebook friends, I am in a privileged position to share thoughts, information and ideas with others in an instant, learn new things, gauge opinion by asking a question, or even advertise to my target audience if I need to.  But it would be very easy to alienate myself from my colleagues and potential customers if I wasn’t careful about how I use this fantastic (and free!) network.

Now I’m certainly no expert, but over the years I have noticed a fair few ADIs who are far less careful, and I have seen reputations tarnish within seconds of posting an […]

Effective Fault Analysis ADI Part 3

“Hi Ged & Claire.  I failed my ADI Part 3 test last week and the examiner told me that although I spotted all his faults and tried to fix them pretty well, my fault analysis needed work.  But I’m not sure where I went wrong, because I did what my trainer had told me.  For every fault, I asked him why he did it, but he just said, “I dunno” or “not sure”, and at one point he acted really defensive.  Is my trainer right, or was my examiner just having a bad day?”  Jim (PDI)

Fault Analysis ADI Part 3

Thanks for your question, Jim.  Fault analysis, the second of the three main core competencies on the ADI Part 3 test and ADI Check Test, is often an area of weakness for PDIs and ADIs, so hopefully I can help clear things up for you!

To explain the basic principles of the […]

To Signal or Not to Signal… That is the Question! When to use Car Indicator Signals

“Hello Ged, I’m looking to get your opinion on the “use of car indicator signals”.  A discussion has started up in our local association with regards to following traffic and giving signals.

Some say that once you have stopped and taken up position in a meeting situation, you should put on your signal to show your attention to all parties. Others say that you should solely use your vehicle position to show your intention and no signal is required.

Basically, would you give a signal every time you are stopped from making progress?

Another question on signals also came up today – some instructors are saying that when changing back to lane 2 or lane 1 on dual carriageways or motorways that we should always give a signal.  Would you say that it’s necessary?

I would be interested to find out your opinion on these points and pass them on to the association.”

When to […]

Recent Industry Changes Are Just The Tip of the Iceberg…

Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of being asked to give a presentation on Coaching & NLP with Kathy Higgins at the MSA (NW) Seminar & AGM.

It was a truly excellent day, with some great speakers.  Towards the end of the event, Peter Harvey (MSA’s National Chairman) gave delegates lots of latest industry news, having very recently met with the new Minister for Transport, Mike Penning.

Mr Penning is the person responsible for the decision to cease the publication of test routes and the theory test questions, so it appears he is not afraid to take immediate steps to change our industry.  A few interesting things appear to be coming our way, which will obviously not come without much controversy!

DSA To Stop Publishing Theory Test Questions

Road Safety Minister, Mike Penning, has announced that the DSA will cease publishing the theory test multiple choice questions  Tests taken from 1st January 2012 will be generated using new, unpublished questions.

This decision follows the move to stop publishing practical driving test routes from October this year, making it easier for examiners to test a learner’s ability rather than their capability to memorise routes.

The decision will ensure that learners have better knowledge and understanding of the theory of driving.  It will also ensure they have prepared well for the theory test rather than just learning answers from the published question bank.