DSA To Stop Publishing Theory Test Questions

Road Safety Minister, Mike Penning, has announced that the DSA will cease publishing the theory test multiple choice questions  Tests taken from 1st January 2012 will be generated using new, unpublished questions.

This decision follows the move to stop publishing practical driving test routes from October this year, making it easier for examiners to test a learner’s ability rather than their capability to memorise routes.

The decision will ensure that learners have better knowledge and understanding of the theory of driving.  It will also ensure they have prepared well for the theory test rather than just learning answers from the published question bank.

DSA’s Latest Change Of Policy Welcomed!

With effect from Monday 1st November 2010, the Driving Standards Agency will accept vehicles fitted with any type of electronic parking brake on practical driving tests.

Electronic parking brakes had until recently mainly been fitted to some higher specification vehicles, but now more mid-range vehicles are having them fitted, too, including the popular new Vauxhall Astra.

Until now, the DSA had refused the use of any vehicle fitted with this technology on driving tests, which in recent times has meant that ADIs have been restricted as to which training vehicle they choose. Marie Law, a driving instructor with Latics Driver Training in Oldham had been unaware of this restriction when she recently traded in her 2006 Vauxhall Astra at her local dealership in Rochdale for a brand new 2010 model which arrived with an electronic parking brake. After voicing her concerns, the salesman assured her that all new Vauxhalls were being fitted with the new […]

Dealing With ‘Difficult’ Learner Drivers

“Hey Ged.. I got a really difficult pupil later. Good control of the car but in a ‘boy racer’ way. Very impatient, slightly aggressive to other road users, especially cyclists. He does know all the dangers/hazards but has the ‘it’s their own fault’ attitude. Any advice for dealing with difficult learner drivers?”

Great question! Firstly, the problems of attitude, peer pressure, etc, cannot be dealt with on a superficial level, which ‘traditional’ driving instruction deals with. Rather than concentrate on the dangers/hazards OUTSIDE the car, this guy needs to take a closer examination of the dangers/hazards WITHIN the car, or more specifically… the person sat in the driving seat. For this reason, I would definitely deal with this issue using a coaching approach.

Learner Drivers 10-Minute Extended Lesson Technique

I would first start off by suggesting that this be carried out at the start of the lesson. It may take 10 minutes or so, […]