Driving School Lease Hire Companies

driving-school-lease-hire-companiesIf you have decided to lease a dual controlled car for your driving school, then there are some really important things you need to check before signing on the dotted line!

In this guide, we provide you with the important questions you should ask and information you need to obtain from Driving School Lease Hire Companies when making your comparisons.

We also supply you with a list of Driving School Lease Hire Companies you can call.

adi-leasing-dual-controlled-carsQuestions to ask Driving School Lease Hire Companies

  • Which cars are you able to supply?
    • When are the cars available?
    • Is there a delivery charge?
  • What lease duration options are there?
  • What is the monthly contract fee?
  • How much initial deposit is required?
  • What is the annual mileage allowance?
    • What is the excess for exceeding the allocated mileage allowance?
  • Is maintenance included in the contract?
    • If not, how much extra is the maintenance option?
    • What specifically is included in the service package?
    • What service options are excluded?
    • Is the maintenance contract with a specific provider/company?
    • Is tyre damage/wear covered by the maintenance contract?
  • What are the specific details on tyre replacement (who pays for repair/replacement, must I buy tyres from a specific provider/company, what is the policy on minimum tread depth before replacement)?
  • Is a full-size spare wheel included (space saver tyres are not permitted for use on driving test)
  • Is insurance included?
    • If so, how much is it? (note – it will usually be cheaper to source your own insurance through a Driving School Insurance Broker)
  • Is breakdown cover provided?
    • If so, which company is the cover provided by?
    • What are the arrangements in case of breakdown?
    • What if my car cannot be repaired quickly? Do I receive a replacement?
    • Am I guaranteed to receive a dual-controlled car as a replacement?
    • How long will it take to receive my replacement vehicle?
    • Will it be a like-for-like replacement?
  • What happens if I have an accident?
  • Are there any restrictions on adding vehicle livery?
  • Are HE-MAN dual controls supplied and fitted prior to delivery?
  • What is the specific ‘wear and tear’ policy for the end of the contract?
    • What is included/excluded?
    • What is the likely cost of repairs, typical for a driving school car, e.g. scuffed alloys / wheel trims?
  • Are any ‘extras’ included, such as a roof protector, carpet mats and/or generic replacement wheel trims for manufacturer wheel trims with generic ones to avoid charges if the manufacturer ones get damaged?
  • What happens at the end of the contract if you wish to take out a new lease deal with them? Will there be a gap between having your old car collected and the new one delivered?
  • What are the penalties for missing a payment or ending the agreement early?
  • Can the contract details be altered after receiving the car (e.g. contract duration, adding on a higher mileage allowance option, etc)?
  • What financial information do you require to arrange credit facilities?
  • Is there any provision for a payment holiday on my plan?
  • Are any additional admin/paperwork charges applicable if I take out the contract with you?

If you are taking a Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) plan instead of a Personal Contract Hire (PCH) plan, make sure you are aware of any final balloon payments which will need to be made at the end of your contract term.

After you have compared all the lease options available to you, and have a list of prices, it’s really important that you consider customer service and aftercare. This is just as important as the car you are leasing. Do you get the sense that this company will look after you once the contract is signed? Have you checked other people’s experiences of using that particular driving school lease hire company?

dvsa-call-ldtmBelow, we have listed some of the driving school lease hire companies available to you. If you know of a driving school lease hire company that we could add to the list, please post the company details in the comments below.

In addition to the below companies, we would recommend you contact your local car dealers to see what they can offer.  Manufacturer dealers can often beat quotations received from specific lease hire companies, but please be aware that these contracts will often have quite low mileage allowances and fewer aftercare options, which might be important for you.

*NOTE* This is not a list of recommended suppliers – we have no affiliation with these companies, nor can we endorse them for their services. Please make sure you do your own research before committing to any lease hire or purchase plan.

List of Driving School Lease Hire Companies

Company NameWebsiteTelephone
1st 4 Contract Hirehttp://www.1st4contracthire.co.uk0844 561 7199
1st 4 Drivingwww.1st4driving.co.uk01626 862 884
1st Leasingwww.1st-leasing.co.uk01158 240 670
AA Solohttp://bit.ly/1vkNZTX0800 587 0086
ADINDI (UK) Ltdwww.adindi.co.uk01536 766158
Andy's 1st Driving Schoolwww.andy1stdrivingschool.co.uk0121 778 4777 or 07707 727900
ArburyFleet.co.ukwww.arburyfleet.co.uk0844 558 3022
CA Carswww.cacars.co.uk0116 284 9067 or 02890 694466
Car Lease 4 Uwww.carlease4u.com028 7122 8822
Citroenwww.citroen-contract-motoring.co.uk0845 013 0761
Contract Hire & Leasingwww.contracthireandleasing.com
Dual Control Car Hire Oxfordwww.dualcontrolcarhireoxford.co.uk/01865 321042
Finance a Carwww.financeacar.co.uk0800 043 1340
Hitachi Capitalwww.hcdis.co.uk01162 987 166
Lease Worldwww.companycarleasing.com01189 420030
Penton Motorgroupwww.pentonmotorgroup.com01722 322 828 or 07202 431 883
Peugeot Driving Schoolwww.robinsandday.co.uk0844 567 6308
Renaultwww.renault.co.uk0845 0500 256 or 0800 731 3378
Soper Contractswww.sopercontracts.co.uk01522 814499
Surepass Car Hirewww.surepasscarhire.co.uk/0800 0830 466
TFS Vehicle Leasingwww.tfsvl.co.uk0800 910 1111
UK Car Linewww.ukcarline.co.uk01995 641 111
Vines Gatwick Miniwww.vinesgatwickmini.co.uk/mini-offers/driving-school-offers/01293 831340

down arrowDo you have anything to add? Any questions or considerations we may have missed from our list above? Or perhaps you know of a business we need to add to our list of driving school lease hire companies?  If so, get in touch via our contact form, or post your comments below.

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