6 Step Driving School Marketing Plan for Facebook

6 Step Guide – Driving School Marketing Plan for Facebook

Is Facebook a part of your business marketing strategy? Love it or hate it, you would be wise to invest some time in Facebook, as that’s where many of your potential customers are spending their time! Furthermore, many of your competitors are undoubtedly reaping the rewards of Facebook marketing – and if you’re not, you are losing out.

Are you stuck using the ‘old skool’ way of advertising and marketing your driving school, e.g. leaflet drops, advertising in shop windows, local newspaper and magazine adverts, Yellow Pages, Thomson Local? This type of marketing has its pitfalls – it can be very expensive to advertise in local media and directories and very time-consuming to traipse around your town delivering leaflets and postcards. Let’s face it, leaflets are generally perceived as more of a nuisance than a help to homeowners, so they might actually do more […]

10 Tips to Boost Your Driving Test Pass Rates!

“Hi, Ged & Claire.  Like most ADIs, I really enjoy all your articles and posts, so keep it up! I was, however, wondering if you could offer some advice on improving driving test pass rates…

I’m scratching my head at the moment: I qualified a little under a year ago and started very positively with my pass rate – 8 out of the first 10! However, of late, I have had several unsuccessful attempts in a row. I prepare all learners in exactly the same way, and always ensure they pass a mock test before booking a real one. I am slightly concerned for my reputation, both with learners and with examiners, and am working hard to arrest the slide. Is it my fault? The learner’s? Or are peaks and troughs like this normal? Any advice would be appreciated, as I’m sure I’m not the only one who stresses about their pass rate!”

Well, first, […]

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No… it’s a flying car!

Well, what an interesting day we’ve had at Liverpool University today!

Modern cars have come a long way since the first machines made an appearance in the late 1800s. Although we weren’t around then, we can only assume that people may have had their reservations about the motor vehicle. Well look at us now, little over 100 years later – how many people are reliant on their cars? You just have to take a look at today’s roads to see how many of us depend on our cars, sometimes to the point where it seems that our roads can’t possibly take any more traffic.

One solution to the ever-increasing congestion problem is the concept of introducing Personal Aerial Transportation Systems (PATS). A team of Flight Science Technology engineers at Liverpool University, along with partner universities in Europe, are working on a project to develop the ‘myCopter’ Personal Aerial Vehicle (PAV). The vision is for these […]

Cheap Driving Lessons – Industry Destroyer?

We’ve all seen the adverts… “First 3 hours for £6.33 each”, “5 hours for £25”, “10 hours for £75”, and even “20 hours for £200”.  For many instructors who are offering a highly-professional service and trying to make a decent living, these offers for Cheap Driving Lessons come as a complete ‘kick in the teeth’, as they strive to compete with thousands of ADIs selling their ‘professional’ services for a pittance.

The majority of instructors that I speak to feel that these special offers are cheapening the industry – after all, qualifying to become a driving instructor isn’t particularly cheap, overheads can be high (especially with the rising cost of fuel), and we all have our bills to pay.  But rarely do I find driving instructors openly admitting to be the ones offering these cut-price driving lessons; it’s almost as if they are embarrassed by the stigma attached to them by other ADIs charging a […]

10 Tips to Reduce Driving Lesson Cancellations

Time is precious.  And for driving instructors, lost time equals lost income.  Using the top ten tips to Reduce Driving Lesson Cancellations can save you time and money. Yes, it’s great to be able to catch up on other essential business matters when last-minute lesson cancellations arise, but we all have bills to pay. So what can we do to minimise cancellations and loss of income?  Here are 10 top tips:

Reduce Driving Lesson Cancellations – Top Tips! Tip 1 – Be upfront and honest:

In our experience, this is the number one way to reduce your cancellation rate. Don’t take it for granted that pupils will understand the ins and outs of self-employment, because the vast majority won’t.  For those of you that are franchisees, many learner drivers will incorrectly believe that you are paid a wage by the company named on your roof sign, so when they cancel, they’re actually not affecting you […]

A milestone 1,000 Facebook LIKES!

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We also run competitions from time to time… in fact, to celebrate us reaching the 1,000 likes milestone, we’re just putting the final touches to our latest one – it’ll be posted on our Facebook page early next week.

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Driving Test Centre Phone Numbers

Bad weather such as snow and ice can result in lots of cancelled driving tests. If there’s snow or ice in your area on the day of the driving test, you can phone the driving test centre to check if tests will still be going ahead.  Scroll down the page to see the list of Driving Test Centre Phone Numbers.

Call as soon as you can if it’s an early morning test, or later in the morning if it’s an afternoon test. If you can’t get through to anyone at the test centre and conditions aren’t too bad, it may be that the examiners are still conducting tests.  If this is the case, the candidate will still need to attend for test as normal to avoid losing their driving test fee. 

If the DVSA cancel the test, the candidate will get a replacement test free of charge. Out-of-pocket expenses won’t be reimbursed […]

Driving Instructor Insurance Brokers

Below we have provided a full list of driving instructor insurance brokers in the UK, which offer insurance specific for driving schools and driving instructors.
We recommend that you ring some (or all) of the companies for quotations before you take out or renew your existing policy. If you’re not in immediate need of a quotation today, many of the driving instructor insurance brokers listed below allow you to get a quote online, although with some, it may take a few days to receive your quote.
Some of the things you might want to consider when obtaining quotations are:

  • What specifically does the policy cover?
  • What is the excess on the policy?
  • What is the excess for windscreen damage?
  • Is a replacement vehicle provided in the event of a fault and non-fault claim?
  • For how long will the replacement vehicle be provided (is there a maximum time period)?
  • If you are hit […]

Motivating the Unmotivated

“Hi Ged & Claire.  What do I do about a pupil that doesn’t seem to want to learn?  He keeps paying me for lessons, but pulls up and demands to get out for a smoke when things aren’t going so well.  I think he spends more time smoking than he does driving.  I really feel like I’m wasting my time with him and I hate feeling like this.  I love my job and I just want to teach!  But how can I motivate him to want to learn?”

Motivating the Unmotivated Learner Driver

This is a great question, and is an issue that I’m sure many ADIs have encountered, myself included. Let me first share my story of ‘Marc’ (not his real name) – a pupil I taught to drive about 13 years ago – and then I will offer a few suggestions on how to address this problem.

Marc had been learning to […]

ADI Meals – Slow Cooker Chicken Chilli

OK, I know this week’s article is a little bit ‘off the wall’, but bear with me – there’s a serious point to it!

I had spent 2 hours on the computer this morning typing up a blog article on Pupil Lesson Records, when my computer suffered the infamous ‘blue screen of death’.  I lost the lot. Gutted.  Why do I never learn to select the ‘auto-save’ option in Microsoft Word?

ADIs Weight Struggles – Try Healthy ADI Meals – Easy Prep

Anyway, whilst reflecting on something an ADI said to me during a coaching session last week, something dawned on me.  Many ADIs struggle with weight issues and having to eat food ‘on the go’.  And after a long day out on the road, who really wants to spend another half hour in the kitchen preparing something nutritious for the evening meal?  Let’s admit it, for some of us, it’s all too easy to […]