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SmallOn this page, we have listed some important resources for you, which will help you prepare for your ADI Standards Check.

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Once you have our guide, here’s a list of other resources you will find really useful:

ADI Standards Check Marking Form
ADI Standards Check marking sheet (SC1)

The marking form that is used in Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) Standards Checks.

A full breakdown of each competency listed on this form is provided in Chapter 4 of the ADI 1 document (below)

Click here to download the Standards Check marking form

DVSA ADI1 Guidance for Driving ExaminersGuidance for driving examiners carrying out instructor tests (ADI1)

The guidance that driving examiners follow when carrying out instructor tests in Great Britain.

See Chapter 4 for Standards Check guidance.

Click here to download the ADI 1 document

national-standard-for-driver-rider-trainingThe National Standard for Driver & Rider Training (NSDRT)

The NSDRT defines what you must be able to do and what you must know and understand to provide training to drivers and riders.

The Standard is the document on which the Standards Check is based, so it really is important that you know, understand and are able to provide training according to the Standard.

Click here to download the National Standard for Driver & Rider Training

2016-04-27_14-19-22HERMES Project – Report

Some of the most significant developments in the education of new drivers, and indeed in the changes to the ADI Standards Check, stemmed from the work of many projects co-financed by the European Commission. One of the most notable pieces of research was conducted via the HERMES (‘High Impact Approach for Enhancing Road Safety Through More Effective Communications Skills’) project.

The outcome of the HERMES project was a highly practical training package containing suggested scenarios which new and experienced driving instructors could follow. The main recommendations were based on the driver trainers adopting ‘coaching’ principles, rather than traditional ‘teaching’ methods.

The website you can find all the HERMES resources on is: but you can download the main report by clicking the link below.

Click here to download the HERMES Final Report

HERMES coaching video

HERMES Project – Video

A video was also produced by the HERMES team.  This is a great watch and it will give you some good ideas of things you can integrate into your driving lessons.

Click here to download the HERMES Video

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